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Onyx of Darkness: An epic dragon fantasy (The Keeper Chronicles Book 2) By Norma Hinkens


Onyx of Darkness

Onyx of Darkness: An epic dragon fantasy (The Keeper Chronicles Book 2)

By Norma Hinkens

This is the second book in the The Keeper Chronicles Series. In the first book, we met Orlla, a keeper, and Erdhan, a Macobite that she met while on her travels. If you have not read Opal of Light, I suggest you read it first, as it has a lot of detail that follows into this book. You could read this book as a standalone, but I feel that you would do yourself, and the author, a great disservice if you did. I reviewed Opal of Light here if you’d like to read it and find the link for purchase:

In Onyx of Darkness, Orlla and Erdhan find themselves on a new mission- to seek out the Onyx of Darkness and bring it to the Keepers for safekeeping. It’s more than obvious how dangerous the Onyx is, once they’ve seen it in action. The future of all of the kingdoms rests in their hands, and they’ve never had a more important task than the one at hand. But in order to succeed, they’ll have to get past mercenaries, armed assassins, and even an old enemy they thought was gone forever. This book has well developed characters; both familiar ones from the first book as well as new ones introduced in this book, as well as great visualization and fantastic plot sequencing. I found it to be highly entertaining and spent many mornings with red eyes from staying up too late. I’d definitely put this on a to be read list, along with Opal of Light and the soon to be released third book in the set, Opus of Doom.

Look for Onyx of Darkness on Barnes and Noble here:




HAOAN Women’s Short Sleeve Criss Cross T-Shirt


Haoan tshirt.jpg

HAOAN Women’s Short Sleeve Criss Cross T-Shirt

I love this top. I got it for my kidlet because she loved the colors. I can’t believe how soft the material is. It’s a Polyester/Cotton blend, so I know it’s carefree washing, but it’s super long so she wants it to shrink some before she wears it. It’s got unique striping on it and it’s an unusual combination of gray and peach. I like that she’s not dressed like every other kid in the neighborhood. It was priced very nicely and I am all around satisfied with it. I’m going to shop around their other items, because I like how they describe and size their clothes.

You can find this top in an assortment of colors and sizes at Amazon here:



Opal of Light: An epic dragon fantasy (The Keeper Chronicles Book 1) by Norma Hinkens


Opal of Light


Opal of Light: An epic dragon fantasy

(The Keeper Chronicles Book 1)

By Norma Hinkens

Orlla is training to be a Keeper, an important position that requires years of extensive training. Keepers fashion runes to keep the island they live on invisible to outsiders. Protectors protect the Opal of Light that the dragons left behind many years ago. It’s been hidden on the island and that’s why the Protectors and Keepers are important. But the two do not get along. Each thinks of the other as useless and not as important.  Orlla is close to becoming a full fledged Keeper when her brother Samten, who has also been training to become a Keeper, comes home wearing the cloak of a Pegonian soldier. She nearly attacks before realizing who he is, then berates him for his lackluster attitude regarding his training. She leaves to meet with her instructor Akolom, who takes her to meet the King, where she is immediately sworn in as a Keeper and taken to the mainland to protect the pass by wielding runes to fortify the pass. This is the first in a series by Ms Hinkens. I found that it took very little time to become familiar with the terminology and get involved in the story. The characters were involving and the plot was believable. I found the end to come too soon, leaving me anxious to get the next book, Onyx of Darkness, which comes out in June 2018. Definitely another hit series!

Opal of Light can be found at Barnes and Noble here:



Allergen-Free Assignation by PK Workman

Allergy Free

Allergen-Free Assignation

(Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 3)

by PK Workman

I just finished Allergen-Free Assignation (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 3). This was a great continuation of the first two books by PK Workman, Gluten Free Murder and Dairy Free Death. In them, Erin Price takes over Tea Room once owned by her late Aunt Clementine, and turns it into a gluten free bakery in the sleepy town of Bald Eagle Falls. Her decision is met with some small town stubbornness as the ladies of the town don’t want strangers nudging their lifelong friends out of business. But, as it turns out, there’s plenty of room for new business owners, as gluten free bakeries seem to be hard on the competition. And the competition’s ne’er do well son. Now Erin is up against another son and another mystery as a body is found under the cement in Aunt Clementine’s garage. And Willie hasn’t been heard from in days. What’s going on now in Bald Eagle Falls? And how does Erin always end up in the middle of things? I’m not tellin- read for yourself!

You can find Allergen-Free Assignation here:



ZESPROKA Fine Mesh Strainer Set


Strainer Set 6


The ZESPROKA Fine Mesh Strainer Set comes in a set of 3 strainers in 3 sizes: 3.26”, 5.78”, 7.75”. They are great for all kinds of uses, for both dry and wet ingredients. Each is made of food grade stainless steel with a seamless mirror finish rim.


They nest together for storage or can be hung in a cabinet. I love using the largest strainer for sifting sugar when making frosting. The smallest one is perfect for straining into a cup or small bowl. These are very nice quality and I like the heft of them. I don’t think they’ll collapse when lifting out heavier items like my old strainer did. They are washable by hand or in the dishwasher.

You can find the ZESPROKA Fine Mesh Strainer Set at Amazon here:



Stirring Up Murder by PD Workman

Stirring Up Murder

by PD Workman

Stirring Up Murder


This is book 4 in the Auntie Clem’s Bakery Series. It can be read on its own, but I’d recommend reading the books in order, as they are a fun set and each one ties into the next.

 Everything is normal as normal can be in Bald Eagle Falls. Erin is busy with the bakery, making gluten free goodies with her friend Vic for her customers and keeping a flirtatious relationship with Terry, the handsome local police officer. Then she finds out that she has a half sister and her sister lives a few towns away. She is torn between curiosity about her only living relative and not being caught up in her sister’s dangerous lifestyle. When she doesn’t heed the advice of Vic and Terry and searches out her sister, she is met with more than a long lost sibling. A murder, the mob, and a masked man- is Erin over her head this time? Find Stirring Up Murder and find out what happens next!

Stirring Up Murder can be found online here:

or here:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch



Dairy-Free Death by P.D. Workman


Dairy Free

Dairy-Free Death

by P.D. Workman


The second book in the Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book Series, Dairy Free Death opens with Erin and Vic happily dishing out delicious dairy free and gluten free goodies in Clementine’s Tea Shoppe in the lovely little burg of Bald Eagle Falls. A new customer breezes in, looking for some vegan choices for herself and some to share with her boyfriend, who just happens to be the son of recently deceased Angel Plaint. His plan is to reopen Angela’s bake shop, which everyone is sure will worry Erin. But soon enough, Erin has more than cupcake competition to worry about. Another death in this sleepy little town? In such a short time? And Erin is right in the middle again! More mystery ensues as questions arise about Erins past, Vic’s family connections, and the strange goings on in the Plaint family. How can one tiny Hamlet hold so many mysteries? I can’t wait to read Book Three!

Dairy-Free Death can be found at Barnes and Noble here:



Murder of the Maestro; Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #6 by Anna Celeste Burke

 Murder of the Maestro; Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #6 by Anna Celeste Burke

Murder of the Maestro Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #6



Ms Burke’s tales are always entertaining and full of colorful characters and this one doesn’t disappoint. Right from the start, she takes us on a wild ride as the book opens with our favorite sleuthing couple, Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler, being awakened with a predawn call from her boss who bemoans the fact that his close friend and business associate is missing. He asks Georgie to look into it, since it reflects on the Marvelous Marley World. Dave Rollins, the Maestro, who had just celebrated his retirement the night before, had indeed vanished and someone had left his home in a mess. While investigating the area the next morning, the police found the remains of the Maestro, who had been slammed on the back of the head and then had fallen or been pushed off the cliff and down to the beach below. Why would someone want to kill the Maestro? And why does his assistant pretend not to know how to contact his family and friends? Who stands to gain from his death? His ex wife? His kids? His old Jazz partners? This is the 6th Georgie Shaw mystery and it’s every bit as fun as the first 5!


Murder of the Maestro Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #6

Light Up Cell Phone Case from Tiny Orange




I got this gorgeous cell phone case from a company called Tiny Orange. It’s actually a wristlet that zips shut, with a section on the inside for my cell phone on one side, a section for cards and my driver’s license on the other side, and a zippered pocket in between. It’s got a cute gold wrist strap that is detachable, but that’s not even the best part.




When my phone rings, the flowers on the front of the case light up and do a little light show. It will light up for approx. 20 seconds any time my phone rings or I open my case, so it’s also good for security. If someone tries to open my purse without asking, I can see it easily and stop them dead in their tracks! I fell in love with this case immediately. I had originally thought to get it for my kidlet but as soon as I saw it, I claimed it as mine! It’s even got an extra set of batteries- CR2032, for when the first set goes bad. You can find this cute little bag on Amazon at:



Wireless WIFI Outdoor IP Security Camera with Night Vision from Alptop

Alptop 1


I’ve had some concerns with neighborhood vandalism lately and I wanted to try to be proactive about it. I’ve had my eye on this Wireless WIFI Outdoor IP Security Camera with Night Vision from Alptop for a while and now that the weather is warmer, chances are if someone is going to do something, it’ll be during the warmer months when they can cruise around easily. This camera is a cinch to install and works with both Iphone or Android phones as well as a computer for viewing. It senses motion and automatically begins to record, sending an alert to my phone. It works during the daytime or at night and the picture is in color. It’s actually a pretty good picture for the price of this camera. The motion detector works for a distance of about 20 feet, which is plenty of room for someone to come into my driveway and be detected. I like that I can record and store on an SD card so if I ever needed to prove that someone had been vandalizing my home, I could take it to court with me. This camera can be found on Amazon here:




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