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Mpow Prime Performance Sport Armband Review

Mpow never ceases to amaze me with their products. I was recently invited to test out their Mpow Prime Performance Sport Armband which is made for use with Iphone 6/6S/ or Samsung 6.First of all, the armband is every bit as bright as you would want it, even better than the pictures could show. It’s made of a super lightweight lycra material that is as soft and comfortable as using a piece of silk, but durable enough to hold up to many times of use. Being material instead of a plastic, it’s less likely to be as sweaty during long workouts. The phone slips into one of the slots in the back and holds in place well.

DSC05346 (2).JPG


There is another slot for ID, money, etc. which is just as secure. A keyholder slow is provided on the outside- keeping your pockets free of jangling keys while running. Finally, there is a Velcro slot to put headphones in when not in use. I tell you, they thought this one out long and hard! The Mpow Prime Performance Sport Armband comes with a Velcro strap to give a custom fit and an extra strap for those who might need a little extra room to fit. The screen is very easy to read when inserted in the armband, making it easy to answer calls, start or pause music, text, or whatever you choose to do- all without having to remove the device! I love that! I think the Mpow Prime Performance Sport Armband is an excellent choice for those athletes who want their devices well protected from the elements and close at hand. Well done, Mpow!





Mpow Prime Performance Sport Armband provided for free by Mpow for the purpose of a fair review.



Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit Review


We love to spend time in our back yard “oasis” as much as possible during the warmer months. The problem with that is that if someone comes to the door, we can’t hear the doorbell. We don’t like to leave the whole house open for just anyone to walk in without being detected, so when I heard about the Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit, I was excited to try it. Homasy offered their Wireless Doorbell Kit at a discounted price in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. I was more than happy to comply!

When I got the box, I opened it and pulled out the contents. Within a few short minutes, I had removed the old electric doorbell and installed the Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit in its’ place. The Homasy Doorbell consists of one doorbell that can either be mounted with double sided mounting tape or screwed into the outer wall or doorframe, your choice. Now if I were renting I would probably choose to use the mounting tape but since I own my home, I chose to replace the existing doorbell, which required drilling new holes, as the holes that my previous bell used weren’t in the same place the new doorbell needed. The hardest part of the whole exercise was taking the old screws out of the old doorbell. The rest was super simple!

The Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit also has 2 receivers, so I chose a spot in my kitchen that can be heard throughout the house, and the second spot is just outside my back door. I keep the ringer lower on that receiver so that I don’t annoy my neighbors. The other feature I really like is the choice of rings and volumes. There are 52 different rings, from the standard ding-dong to musical melodies that are easily recognizable and fun. There’s even a Christmas carol! Once you have chosen your ring, experiment with the volume to find what works best in your home.



This bell is rated to work up to 1000 feet unobstructed- it may not go as far if there is a lot of steel or other obstructions, but should still work up to 100-500ft. The transmitter uses one 12V 23A alkaline battery (included) and the receivers use electricity. No other maintenance is needed for this kit. The only thing I didn’t understand is that the description says you can leave a message but there isn’t really any room to write anything so I wouldn’t expect much in that regard. Other than that, I was very impressed with the Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit and would recommend it to anyone needing a doorbell.



Tears of Dark Water by Corban Addison Review

Tears of Dark Water


Tears of Dark Water by Corban Addison


I was really pleased with this book. The author was very good at building the plot, to the point where, about halfway through, I thought the story was coming to an end but there was still half a book to go. I couldn’t imagine how he was going to fill all those extra pages, but he did. And he did it well! Daniel Parker and his son, Quentin are taking a trip around the world in his sailboat- taking the time to rediscover each other and reflect on

problems at home that are taking them to places they don’t want to go. They keep in close contact with David’s wife, Vanessa on their trip, hoping that she will join them at some point in the trip but so far she hasn’t been willing to do so. As they sail the waters of the Indian Ocean, warnings go out that there has been an unsuccessful attempt to pirate a ship ahead of them. The son asks his father if they should cut their trip short and make for land to be on the safe side. Daniel ponders this and then decides that they should not be victimized by the possible threat, but they should continue on their trip- hoping against hope that Vanessa will join them when they reach South Africa.

From the other side, we meet Ismael, a Somali pirate who is onboard one of 3 boats trying to overtake a ship and hold it and its crew hostage for a ransom. Not being able to contact the other boat, Ismael and the men on his boat quickly retreat and try to decide what to do next. The financiers of the pirate crew will want to know why they didn’t succeed and it could cost them their lives if they don’t bring back a reward worth sending them out for. It is then that they decide to find a new target and Daniel’s sailboat provides just the thing.

From here the story moves back and forth from the pirates to the Parkers to Vanessa, who is anxiously trying to raise the money needed to secure her husband and her son’s lives, while, on board an American military ship, hostage negotiators work to bring the ordeal to a successful end and get the Parkers home safely.

The book kept a good pace, used a lot of descriptive language that would impress any hostage negotiator or sailor, and made me feel empathy towards the Parker family and all they had to deal with. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat- very well written!

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$150 Paypal Giveaway ends 04/07

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Gwen Stefani’s New Album

Gwen Stefani tells it LIKE IT IS on her new album #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike out March 18! Songs from the heart – broken and not. #O2O



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The Popcorn Factory Happy Easter Giveaway

The Popcorn Factory Happy Easter Giveaway


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The Popcorn Factory Happy Easter Giveaway

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