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Hiding Places by David J. Bell

Hiding Places
This is a story about a young girl, Kate, who lives with 3 generations of family in a hotel in Oregon. Kate is a precocious girl who is very attentive to details around her. She keeps track of the goings on in the hotel and is quite intelligent when it comes to being invisible to those around her. She notices that her Grampa is having a disagreement with his friend and becomes very concerned when she goes with her Grampa to visit the friend’s shop and the visit turns into an argument. Would her Grampa really hurt his friend, or even kill him? Kate is pondering this when she notices her best friend’s brother steal a phone from the shop. She follows him and confronts him, and the story takes a turn. The boy threatens her not to tell and she doesn’t, although this bothers her.
At this point the story takes a new tack and introduces another subplot with a young man who is involved with a homeless group. He becomes involved in a crime that links him to Kate when he is injured and she finds him. She hides him, not knowing that ultimately it will bring thugs seeking retribution right to her family’s doorstep. This story has twists and turns that kept me wondering which direction they would go. I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clean, entertaining story.


Living The Braveheart Life Review and giveaway


Living the Braveheart Life by Randall Wallace was provided free of charge for the purpose of review. All of the following is my own words, giving a fair and unbiased review.

Okay, I must admit, I wasn’t all that excited to read this book at first glance. I have seen Braveheart more than once and I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t so sure that a book about the movie was exactly what I wanted to spend my time reading. But I said I would review it and so I delved in.

Wow, talk about judging a book by its cover! I was extremely mistaken. This book took hold of me and was reluctant to leave me alone. I read to get relaxed before I go to sleep. You know those books that grab your attention? The ones that you can’t put down even when you look at the clock and realize it’s after 2:00? Yeah, this was one!


Right from the get go Randall Wallace explains what prompted the movie. He was curious about his ancestry and took a trip into Scotland to find out who he came from.  Upon seeing a statue of William Wallace, he asked about him and found that he (William) is a hero in Scotland. What a coincidence- a hero with the same last name! I’d be digging in further as well!

brave Not-every-man-truly-lives-300x249

As the author investigates the history (or lack thereof) of William Wallace, he is caught up in the story and so captivated by it that he writes what is to become the movie Braveheart. He makes correlations between his life and how he imagines the life of William Wallace. This book takes us from the past in Richard’s life to the life and death of William Wallace and those who played a part in it, to how Richard foresees the future. He weaves his life and how he is living out his faith with stories of how what William Wallace lived out influenced him. There are so many examples of faith in this book that touched me. I was so impressed with how  the Holy Spirit influenced his life and career that I couldn’t wait to finish it so that I could share it with my husband. I am ready to go back and watch Braveheart again- this time with fresh eyes and an open heart- to see what God wanted me to learn from the movie.


Interestingly, the most well known line, one even inscripted on the wall of a military academy, wasn’t from William Wallace at all. It was written by Randall as he imagined how Wallace would influence his fellow men. One of the most recognized lines and if you were to ask someone who said it, I doubt that they’d hesitate in answering. I know I was wrong. Anyway, Living the Braveheart Life by Randall Wallace can be found at your local Family Christian Store or here on their website:

Family Christian has graciously allowed me to run a giveaway for a $10 Appreciation Certificate, which will run from October 19 through October 25. Click the Rafflecopter to enter. Good Luck!

6×12 Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets from Angelcraft review


 I recently got a Brother Scan and Cut and I’ve been itching to try it out. Then Angelcraft sent me an invitation to try out their 6×12 Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets highly discounted in exchange for a fair unbiased review. The feeling I could trust #angelcraft’s product made it easier for me to work with the new machine. I found the colors to be vibrant and true and I really love that there is a wide selection of colors. The adhesive works well for indoor or outdoor applications. Angelcraft vinyl has a five year outdoor durability and is calendared with 3 mil thickness. It’s also MADE IN THE USA!


My project was to make a new bumper sticker for my hubby’s car. He likes having them on his rear window so I needed to make it bigger than the typical sticker. The width of the Angelcraft vinyl worked perfectly for what I needed.

Here’s a picture of the final product:

vinyl on carvinyl place

I really like the look and feel of the Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets from Angelcraft. Now I need to go make another sticker for my neighbor. Bye~

My All Time Favorite Dog Leash!


Duke with Phil

I have the most beautiful German Shepherd Dog, but my husband insisted on doing all of his training. I am unable to walk him because he hasn’t been worked with and he tends to pull. So when #PrimalPetGear offered to send their Double Handle Dog Leash – RED – 8ft – Extra Long Leash for a substantial discount in exchange for a fair unbiased review, I was excited to take them up on it. Wow, this is the best dog leash I have EVER owned. It’s made from quality nylon with a cushioned handle on each handled end of the leash and a good strong metal clasp.


Did I mention cushioned handle? I love this leash! It’s got 2 lengths- 1 foot and 8 foot, so I can give my dog the freedom he likes when walking but if he gets to be too much or there’s something going on and I need to reign him in, it’s a simple matter of changing to the shorter hande. No clipping and unclipping necessary! And PrimalPetGear is so sure of their product that they offer a 5 year Money-back guarantee. I can’t wait to be able to walk my dog again! Not only that, this leash works for medium and some smaller breeds. So Frostie, my Westie, can go for a walk on it as well. Super deal- check it out!


using the shorter leash

The Girl From the Train by Irma Joubert


The Girl From the Train by Irma Joubert is one of those books that you begin to read and end up absorbing. It’s so much more than a story about a girl. It begins in Poland during the 2nd World War- with a young girl named Gretl who jumps from a train in the middle of the night with her sister, Elsa. They are expecting their family, Mutti and Oma, to join them and are confused as to why the train went on without Oma and Mutti jumping off. At the same time, Jakob and 2 others are sent to bomb a German troop train and realize once the bombs have been set that there is a horrible mistake about to occur- the train is coming from the opposite direction and the sick realization that it’s prisoners who are about to die, not soldiers like they intended. So when Jakob later finds Gretl alone, he feels very guilty for her loss and takes her in. Over time, Gretl, now Gretz, fits in and convinces those around here and in her school that she is a German, not Polish and certainly not a Jew.
The next phase in this book is when Gretz is given to an orphanage for the opportunity to be adopted out to an Afrikaner couple. But the stipulation is that she must be Germanic, and 100% Aryan at that. So she hides her Polish/Jewish background and becomes Grietjie and moves to South Africa.
This story segues seamlessly from one culture to another and shows just how resilient young children can be. Gretl questions her past and comes to terms with the fact that her grandparents died as a result of the train bombing. She is reunited with Jakob when he has to flee Germany and decides to go to South Africa.
This is a hauntingly realistic approach to the story of Jakob and Gretl- who were brought together through very strange circumstances and how their lives continued to intertwine as the years went by.

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